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For a Quote for a HIPAA or PII Risk Assessment, please complete the form below.
Please complete the following so we have a Group Snapshot
Have you completed a Risk Assessment?
Have you implemented a Risk Management Program
Does the organization have a Sanction Policy?
Has the organization appointed a security officer?
Does the organization have formal written Information Security Polices to protect PII and Sensitive Data?
Does the organization have documented disaster recovery procedures in place?
Does the organization have emergency operations procedures in place in the event of an emergency?
Is there a procedure in place to ensure proper access to PII and Sensitive Data?
Does the organization have a process for determining the sensitivity of data?
Does the organization have an incident response procedure to follow in the event of a security breach?
Does the organization have adequate cyber / breach insurance in the event of a breach?
Are all workforce members required to go through annual security training?
Does the organization use any methods to track who or when someone enters the room(s) where the servers are located?
Is the location(s) where the organization keeps their servers locked at all times?
Does the organization restrict access to the room(s) or location where servers are located?
Does the organization have strong physical controls that prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing the organization's facilities?
Does the organization have documented workstation or computer use policy?
Does the organization protect PII and sensitive data on monitors?
Does the organization perform vulnerability and penetration testing on the network on a periodic basis?
Does the organization track the movement and ownership of portable media?
Do workforce members with laptops take the system home or out of the office?
Are employees required to create a complex password?
Are all the organization's laptops encrypted to protect the data stored on them?
Does the organization have a firewall in place on the network?
Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. Please note that this is a short version of the actual Risk Assessment that we will be preforming. This will give us an idea where your risk is at this time.
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